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Hamburg has far more to offer than simply the basics for starting a business. Find exactly what you are looking for here. 

Hamburg Invest’s Startup Unit assists founders and all those interested in setting up a business with navigating the wide range of offers quickly and easily. We are fully aware that needs differ from person to person! Thus, the Startup-Unit is the first, main point of contact for all queries about start-up offers in Hamburg. We help you network with the right partners, provide contacts and tell you about helpful networking events. 

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Veronika Reichboth, Head of Hamburg Invest’s Startup-Unit, ensures that Hamburg’s start-up ecosystem becomes even more visible on an international scale.

Veronika Reichboth
Hamburg Startup Ecosystem Vortrag
Hamburg Startup Panel
Hamburg Startup Vortrag

Industrial sites, infrastructure and skilled workers: Hamburg Invest’s Startup-Unit offers founders and all those interested in setting up their own business support from a single source via the business development agency HIW Hamburg Invest GmbH. Special emphasis on knowledge and technology-orientated business models.

Health Startups Web-Conference

Hamburg‘s Health Startups Meet U.S. Investors

"Corona as an Opportunity?" was the intriguing theme of a panel discussion by Hamburg Invest’s Startup Unit and the German Accelerator on October 8, 2020. North German and U.S. experts exchanged ideas about their respective startup ecosystems in the healthcare sector at this online event. Hamburg is one of Germany’s leading centres of medicine. Philips, for instance, lends its support to startups in the Hamburg Health Innovation Port.


If you are interested in our services, a collaboration or have queries, please contact our Startup Unit.


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